The Cost To Repair, Rebuild, And Build A Deck Per Square Foot

This Is How Much It Costs For A Quality Deck And Deck Work In Harford County

Deck cost per square foot is higher for more complex decks like this

Deck costs per square foot usually range from $65 to $85. The cost to rebuild or repair a deck is less while stairs add to the overall cost.

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We’re Getting A Deck?!

John leans back on his heels in surprise. “A deck? Since when??”

Heather smiles, eyes shining with excitement. “Sorry, that came out wrong. How do you feel about getting a deck for our backyard? I think it’ll be a lot of fun and we’ll love it.”

John frowns in thought. “Hmm. What does a deck cost per square foot? Then we’ll need to know deck repair costs and, at worst, deck rebuilding costs.”

Heather smiles and rolls her eyes. “Yeah, and we’ll want to know deck stairs cost if we get a deck off the ground. Let’s go ahead and look all this up. It’s obviously one of the most important questions to you.”

John smiles gratefully. “I’m glad you said that. I’m not trying to price shop because that’ll just leave us unsatisfied. I just want to know so we can figure out if we can buy or need to budget first. Or maybe look at patio costs instead if decks aren’t what we end up wanting.”

Heather shows John her phone. “Already done. Here’s what I found on deck building costs for our area.”

The Cost To Build A Deck Per Square Foot

Small covered back deck

Deck building costs per square foot tend to run in the $65 to $85 range. It can be outside of these numbers depending on several factors. They include deck size, decking type, height, frame type, railing type, state of the ground, accessibility, and if there are any special designs.

Smaller back deck with step lights

These cost factors change the price for a few different reasons. It takes more materials, labor, and time for larger and more complex decks. The state of the ground and how accessible the worksite is can make the job shorter and easier or longer and harder. Anything custom or extra takes more time and labor.

Other Deck-Related Costs

Larger second story deck
  • Deck stairs cost anywhere from $275 to $400 per step
  • Deck rebuilding costs are usually between $60 to $65 per square foot
  • Deck repair costs depend on the situation

The cost can land outside these ranges depending on your project. It also depends on the choices you make, like the type of material. With deck repair, there are hundreds of different reasons for repair, each having its own cost. The best thing to do is get an estimate from a contractor.

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“This is doable! We might want to budget a little more so we can get additions and stuff, but it looks like we’re getting a deck!” says John excitedly. “Let’s keep looking for information!” replies Heather.

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