The 7 Steps We’ll Take Together To Bring Your Project To Life

This Is The Process We Go Through With Our Clients To Give Them A Great Product And Experience

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We want you to know exactly what to expect when working with us. There’s no need for it to be a mystery!

In this post, you’ll find out what the 7 steps we go through with clients are. There’ll be some details about what goes on during each step too.

It Feels Like Flipping A Coin

“What does, hiring a contractor?” asks Heather.

John nods sadly. “Yeah, because we never know what their process is for working with them. Who knows if it’ll be good or bad, heads or tails?”

Heather frowns a bit. “They’re not all like that.” John looks at her. “What??” Heather’s little frown turns into a smile. “I was talking to our neighbors about their new deck and how much it costs to build a deck. Apparently, their contractor lays out his process quite clearly.”

“Show me,” says John, voice full of doubt. Heather picks up her phone and brings up the link to the process their neighbor sent her.

Here’s what she shows John:

Our 7 Step Project Process

MW team having fun while working
  1. Contact us on our website
    • We love having clients contact us through our website because we get to see pictures! Sending us pictures of your project site helps us get a better idea of your space. Then we can give you a better idea of what we can do and even ballpark pricing
  2. We’ll reach back out
    • Someone in our office will contact you within 24 hours to talk about your project
    • We’ll look at pictures on our website and figure out exactly what you want
    • You’ll get ballpark pricing for your project
    • You can choose between getting a design or going right to signing the contract
  3. Design
    • We’ll set up a phone call with Frank Winter (owner)
    • We’ll talk in more detail about what you want to get from your new space
      • It may take up to an hour
    • We’ll have a designer do a 3D rendering for you
      • If it isn’t what you were envisioning we can change the rendering for free 3 times. Major changes will be an additional fee
  4. Sign the contract
    • We’ll set up an in-house appointment to sign the contract
    • This is where we’ll collect a 30% deposit
    • We’ll also schedule the project and do other planning points
  5. Bring your project to life
    • Frank and Mitch will be your project managers
    • We use our in-house crews for the main building parts
    • We use subcontractors for more specialty work like electrical work for outdoor lighting or painting/staining decks
    • For typical projects, we’ll collect 30% when signing the contract, another 30% at the start of the actual project, and the final 10% at the end. It can change depending on the exact scope of work
    • You’ll get weekly schedule updates leading up to the project. It can change depending on what’s happening with current projects
    • We’ll pressure rinse your new space when it’s done to make it look all nice for you
  6. Post-job walkthrough
    • This is to make sure everything is up to or exceeds your expectations
    • Collect the final payment of 10%
  7. Follow up contact
    • We’ll reach out 3 days, 3 weeks, and 3 months after your project to see if you need anything and if you’re enjoying your new space

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“Well, I can certainly say it doesn’t seem like they’re trying to hide anything or be mysterious,” says John. Heather nods. “Exactly. Just wait until you see some of their other blog posts like this one.”

More posts like this coming soon!

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