How Much An Outdoor Living Space You’ll Love Costs

People In Harford County And Baltimore County, Maryland Are Investing This Much To Complete The Outdoor Area Of Their Dreams

Outdoor living space with patio and pergola and fire pit

It’s a great idea to know the cost of an outdoor living space. Then you can budget accordingly and have an accurate timeline for getting one!

In this post, you can discover outdoor living space costs. You can also find out what mainly changes outdoor living room costs.

We Can Finally Have It All!

“It’s time to upgrade our outdoor area again!” says Heather happily.

John smiles at her. “That’s right, we can finally take it to the next level. Who needs a patio when you can have an outdoor living space! Wait, how much does an outdoor living space cost?”

Heather pauses, then bursts out laughing. “I don’t know, I just figured we had enough to do it. Maybe we should look on our contractor’s website and see if they have pricing. They did have patio building costs on their blog.”

John looks up from his phone. “I found exactly what we’re looking for. As soon as you said ‘our contractor’s website’ I knew what you were suggesting. Here, let’s look together.”

Here’s what the couple uncovers:

How Much An Outdoor Living Space Costs

Small deck and patio and covered area

Outdoor living space costs can range from $50,000 to $150,000 and higher. It mainly depends on the scope of work, size, structure choice, upgrades, materials, and site accessibility.

Basic Outdoor Living Space Cost – $50,000. This is for simple structures and smaller scopes of work.

Average Outdoor Living Space Cost – $78,000. You can have multiple structures and more complex scopes of work.

High-End Outdoor Living Space Cost – $150,000. This can involve multiple structures, landscaping, water features, fire pits, and more!

*These prices are averages and can change depending on the factors below.

The 6 Main Factors That Change The Cost

Deck with small pergola half covering a patio with fireplace

1. Scope of work. The bigger the project the bigger the required budget. It’s like having us build a patio with a pergola versus a second-story deck with a patio beneath it and landscaping around it.

2. Size. Larger structures take more time, labor, and materials to build. Also, larger backyards tend to be pricier because people do more with the larger space. Smaller projects and yards can still be pricy. It depends on the other factors listed here.

3. Structure choice. Structures have different building processes, materials, timelines, and amounts of labor. Patios, decks, water features, pergolas, retaining walls, and other outdoor living space items cost differently.

4. Upgrades. You can always improve upon your space. It’ll affect how much your outdoor living space costs. But it’s hard to complain when it has a television, landscape lighting speakers, or other upgrades!

5. Materials. Wood and stone, and even different types of each, have different costs. 

6. Site accessibility. Sometimes we can get equipment and materials into a backyard easily. But, other times we have to temporarily take down a fence. That’s an extra process. Or, we have to move everything, like stone and lumber, by hand. This increases labor costs.

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“I was right!” cries Heather excitedly. “This is in our budget so we really can upgrade our outdoor area.” John cracks a huge smile. “Great! Let’s see what else we can find on this blog that we can use.”